Brickwork Repair to Essex Countryside Cottage

Following reports of bulging brickwork by the homeowner to a distinct Essex countryside cottage which had been temporarily stabilised by a local team of builders, Falcon Structural Repairs were engaged to carry out exploratory works to establish the cause of the defect and provide the homeowner with a suitable and economical method of repair.

It was found that delaminating of poorly bonded brickwork from a 13”wide cross section of the construction had meant a bulge had appeared at low level. This had worsened over an extended period of time as the fallen mortar from the loosened masonry above had filled the cavity and increased the force against this un-tied brickwork resulting in the outward bulge.

The project works involved the introduction of careful shoring up supported by a designed temporary works propping & shoring system.

Remedial restraint strapping ties were installed internally to form a connection to the first floor joists & stud walls. Once stabilised, sectional dismantling & rebuilding of the brickwork was undertaken and fully tied to the original internal skin of masonry with stainless steel resin fixed ties. Locally salvaged bricks were used to give the repair an authentic finish. The project was completed on time and within budget much to the delight of the home owner.

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