Mini Piling

Falcon utilises a wide range of piling plant and equipment suitable to construct economic foundation solutions in the majority of ground conditions.

Augered Mini Piles

Falcon’s mini rigs are able to construct augered piles from 150mm to 300mm diameter up to depths of 18m, dependent upon soil conditions. The rigs can be driven through a normal domestic door opening and can operate in headroom as low as 2.5m.

Falcon ensures that all Piling Plant used is fitted with guards and Safety Equipment complying with current Health and Safety regulations. Operatives receive health & safety and vocational training, to ensure that work is carried out to the highest standards without causing undue risk to themselves and the public. Falcon collaborated with other ASUC members to draw up the ASUC Guidelines for Safe and Efficient Underpinning and Mini Piling Operations to which we adhere closely.

Driven Mini Piles

Falcon operates track mounted drop hammer rigs to construct bottom driven steel cased piles up to 300mm in diameter. Piles are driven to a pre-calculated set which is determined by the applied load.


Left: Drop Hammer Rig in action for bottom driven cased Piles. Right: Mini Auger Rig in action.

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