Lateral Restraint Tie Bars & Straps

Many older buildings suffer from bulging brickwork and leaning walls, particularly those constructed with internal floors and walls providing no lateral restraint.

Tying Back Affected Walls

Falcon Tie Bars and Straps offer an effective solution to such problems by tying back affected walls. The bars and straps are secured to the internal face of the wall using Falcon Resin Anchors and are then notched into and securely screwed to the floor joists. Alternatively, they can be spanned right across the internal floors and secured to another stable internal or external wall.


Falcon Corner Straps

Falcon Corner Straps are designed to provide a bond between walls which were either constructed with no bond, or have de-bonded due to structural movements.


Falcon Remedial Methods

Falcon’s remedial methods are highly adaptable to suit most domestic situations, and are completely concealed both internally and externally. Scaffolding is not required and little disturbance is caused during installation. If required, we will install traditional tie bars and we can offer a range of pattress type plates or features which can be fixed externally.


Installation of Falcon Tie Bar

1. Lateral movement of the flank wall has resulted in gaps between the skirting and the floor boards, and between the flank and partition walls.

2. Once the floor boards are lifted and skirting boards removed, the floor joists are notched to receive the Falcon Tie Bar, and timber noggins are secured under the bar.

3. The flank wall is then drilled to receive the resin anchor fixings and the Falcon Tie Bar is twice screwed to each joist.

4. The holes are then vacuumed to remove all loose material and debris before being injected with thixotropic anchor grout ready to receive the anchor bolts. The anchor bolts are then installed and any gaps between the tie bar plate and the wall are filled with resin anchor grout.

5. The Falcon Tie Bar is held in position with timber wedges whilst the anchor grout cures before the anchor bolts are tightened. Once tightened, original profile skirting boards and floor boards can be fitted.

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