Reinforced Concrete Works

Falcon’s skilled teams of experienced ground workers, shuttering carpenters, steel fixers and concretors construct reinforced concrete to the highest quality and specification to suit a wide variety of applications.

Pile Caps, Beams, Slabs & Basements

Following construction of piles, Falcon carries out all necessary excavation including any shoring and temporary support required.

Anti-Heave protection is installed where required. The utmost care is taken in setting shutters and fixing reinforcement, to ensure that once concreted, the work complies with the design and specification.

Retaining Walls and Basement Construction

Falcon has used their expertise and ability to carry out work in restricted areas to good effect in stabilising failing retaining walls and constructing new basements in existing properties.


Left: RC Basement cast ready for capping slab. Right: Reinforcement in place for capping slab, ready for concrete.


Left: BRE test tank. Reinforcement tied ready for shuttering to be installed. Right: Concrete cast and shuttering removed.

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